How Many Racers Can Compete in the Pleasanton CA Racing Competition?

Every year, racing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Pleasanton, California to witness the thrilling spectacle of horse racing. It's a great opportunity for families to bond and for future racing fans to be born. The return of horse racing at the same time as the fair has brought with it a family-friendly atmosphere that has increased exposure to the sport. Due to the pandemic, access to the Pleasanton Avenue parking lot has been restricted and the ACE train parking lot will remain closed. However, there are still plenty of ways for racers to participate in the competition.

All racers must make a mandatory Penta Fecta payment in order to compete. Volunteers are also needed to help with pre-race and race-day tasks such as guiding athletes along the course, distributing water, and helping with race registration. Registration for the race includes a short-sleeve t-shirt (available in sizes for men, women and youth), timing of the race, commemorative bib, requirements for general awards and by age group, finalist's medal, and a snack after the race. The exhibition also features videos and images that tell the story of horse racing over the years in Pleasanton. So if you're looking for an exciting way to spend your weekend, why not join in on the fun? With so many ways to participate, there's something for everyone at the Pleasanton CA Racing Competition!.

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