Fuel Restrictions for Racing Vehicles in Pleasanton, CA

Are you looking to take part in a racing competition in Pleasanton, CA? If so, you need to be aware of the fuel restrictions that apply to racing vehicles. The California Racing Vehicle Program protects legitimate racing and racing vehicles, as well as the aftermarket parts that accompany them, through regulatory and compliance programs. A racing vehicle can be specially built or modified from a standard vehicle, and is exempt from emission control requirements (Health Safety Code &, §§ 39048) and. Lead-free and lead-free racing fuel that does not meet California's RFG specifications (non-compliant racing gasoline) cannot be sold, offered for delivery, or supplied for use in real race cars.

However, racing fuel (gasoline used in racing cars) is not exempt from California RFG requirements, except as provided in Section 2261 (f) of the CCR. This means that driving a racing gasoline vehicle on the road is illegal and could result in serious consequences if you are caught. Fifty-five years of racing and training history have been transferred to the fuel produced for the road and racing. From Formula 1 to Indy Car and the dirt track stock car races that kept me awake every Saturday in the summer of my youth and off-road racing (just to name a few), hordes of people have made auto racing their hobby. According to a long-standing legal exemption, a racing vehicle, “a racing vehicle that is not used on public roads as defined in the California Health and Safety Code,” is not required to have an EO or meet other CARB mobile source regulatory requirements. Letters or statements attached to shipping documents that describe the legal use of racing fuel, instructions to dealers and retailers on the legal sale and use of racing fuel, or other specific milestones described in a new or amended application protocol from the Carb Compliance Division are additional opportunities for refineries, mixers, importers and distributors; meet the requirement of “reasonable precautions”.

Refineries, blenders, importers and distributors must also take “reasonable and prudent precautions” and demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to restrict the sale of non-compliant racing fuel to racing cars only.If you are planning on taking part in a Pleasanton CA race competition, it is important to be aware of these fuel restrictions. Make sure you are using compliant fuel types for your vehicle so you can avoid any legal issues.

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